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Greek Mediterranean favorites 

The Mediterranean region is shared by many countries that may be physically and culturally different and yet show similarities not least in terms of their food. A great number of ingredients are used in varying and innovative ways in all these countries. The ubiquitous tomato originally from south America, is now a staple throughout the region and I mean flavorsome tomato, ripened on the vine under a gloriously hot sun. It features in so many recipes ,along with garlic ,eggplant, and olive oil.... Quintessential Mediterranean ingredients .the heat of the sun combined with the wealth of the sea makes for a stunning range of food. Fresh seafood and fish. Mouth watering salad, vegetables, and fruit. There are also rich stews and simply grilled meats. Yet the reason why the Mediterranean food is so in tune with modern life it’s fresh and healthy.
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Lamb Souvlaki
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Grilled Shrimp